Alice in Wonderland

After researching about author Lewis Carroll. I created a logo based in his name and created an illustrated typographic insert on an extract of one of his stories. ESLuego de investigar sobre el autor Lewis Carroll. Diseñe su nombre como si fuese una marca y presente un corte tipográfico con un extracto de una de sus historias.

Illustrated menu

Illustrated hand-drawn menu (and table cloth) design for a themed dinner party.The final art was created with black marker over Kraft paper and it’s final size was 1200mm x 600mm. ESMenú ilustrado para una cena temática. El menú final fue creado en papel kraft con marcador negro y su tamaño final de 1200mm x 600mm siendo utilizado como mantel.

Ingenium Toys

The following characters design and illustrations were created for an artisan children’s line of backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases and art supplies. Eventually they were used for this brand website and as part of children educational online games. ESLos siguientes personajes fueron creados para una linea de artículos escolares para niños. La linea incluía bolsos, juguetes y elementos artísticos. Eventualmente las ilustraciones se utilizaron para la pagina web.

Campaign Poster for NPO

University project that involved campaign posters, editorial elements, and T-shirt design. Theme: Illegal adoption of babies by the armed forces during the Argentinian dictatorship. Technique: Combination of collage with digital manipulation to include photographs of the most infamous characters of the dictatorship. The complete project was donated to the non-profit organisation that was aimed to. This project won the “Arqadia Young Designer award” and was exposed in Buenos Aires at

San Lorenzo Club Campaign

T-Shirt Design for San Lorenzo Football Club in Argentina who created a marketing and social media campaign showcasing famous Argentinian (and international) personalities who are fans of the club. The campaign was created as a promotional campaign since at the time the football club was in court trying to buy back their old football field and it used part of the lyrics “Me veras volver” (you’ll see me come back)

Fonterra Fabulous February (Concept)

I was asked to come up with concepts for a promotion directed at mothers and everyday female supermarket shoppers. The final prize was a shopping spree and trip to Melbourne, Australia. The project went through some changes, changing the consumer and prizes and unfortunately, for budgeting reason, the project was cancelled but the client decided to keep the concept for future projects. ESSe me pidió una serie de conceptos para